Sell your own personalized gift certificates on your website for free using PayPal. Anyone with a Premier or Business account can easily create and sell customized gift certificates on the web in just minutes.

Merchant Gift Certificates are:

  • Customizable: Create your gift certificates exactly the way you want by setting amounts, adding colors, importing images and making advanced HTML edits.
  • Easy: Publish your Buy a Gift Certificate buttons on your website in minutes. Our system processes your gift certificate sales and redemptions, sends receipt emails to you and your customers and records every transaction in your account.
  • Cost-effective: Gift certificates have no setup costs or hidden fees. You pay only the standard payment receiving fee at the time of redemption, and nothing more.
  • Profitable: Increase purchases, attract new customers and grow sales when customers redeem gift certificates on your website. Research shows that customers spend more when they redeem gift certificates.
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