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What does the status of my sent payments mean?

Your transaction history keeps a record of each payment individually, detailing the status of each payment. Please see the list below for your payment status definition:

  • Unclaimed: The recipient has not received or chosen to accept your payment
  • Uncleared: The eCheck payment has not yet cleared
  • Completed: The recipient received your payment
  • Cleared: The eCheck payment has cleared your account and has been credited to the recipient's account
  • Reversed: Payment canceled by sender
  • Denied: Recipient denied the payment. Funds have been credited back to your account
  • Refunded: Payment was returned to sender's PayPal account
  • Canceled Payment: Payment canceled by sender. Funds were credited back to sender's account
  • Credit Card: If type is a charge, the money was sent using a credit card. If type is a credit, the payment charged to your credit card was canceled and funds were credited back to your credit card
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