Choose how you pay each time you check out.

When you link multiple payment methods to PayPal, you can choose which one to use each time you check out. Shop, pay your bills, send money to PayPal friends* and stay in control of where the money comes from.

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*Recipients must have or open a PayPal account.

More flexibility, more benefits.

Each payment method has unique benefits that you can use for small or large purchases.

Bank Accounts

Send money to family and friends in the Canada for free using your bank account.*

Debit Cards

Keep track of spending and easily manage expenses.

Credit Cards

Keep earning the points, miles, cashback or rewards your cards may offer.†

PayPal balance

Received money with PayPal? You can use your balance whenever you want to make a purchase or send money to friends and family.

Flexibility and security every time you pay

1Choose PayPal
Check out in a flash with your PayPal account.

2Create your PayPal Wallet
Simply add your bank account, debit or credit cards and set your preferred way to pay.

3Pick a way to pay
Check out with your preferred way to pay or choose each time you make a purchase.

4Check out with confidence
No matter which payment method you use, Purchase Protection can have your back on eligible purchases. Terms and limitations apply.

Continue earning your rewards.

Once you've added a debit or credit card to your PayPal Wallet, you'll still earn miles, cashback or rewards you normally enjoy. All without carrying the plastic. Fantastic.†

†Issuer rewards program is subject to the issuer’s rewards program terms and conditions.

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