PayPal Business Bootcamps: You asked. We answered. How to get your business in shape.

Jun 13 2022 | Dr. Tiffany Raymond

Dropshipping, getting noticed online, accepting payments from abroad, and affiliate programs. Answers to your Business Bootcamp questions.
Dr. Tiffany Raymond, PHD, Head of Global Customer Advocacy and Experience at PayPal; Gina OzhuthualFounder and CEO of Bohemian Mama Founder of The Creative Brand ArchitectsKeval Dattani, CEO and Co-Founder of Mo Bro's Grooming Company 
PayPal is here to help answer business owners’ questions. With so much information available, we know it can be difficult to find what’s relevant for you. PayPal’s Business Bootcamps are a series of virtual events that bring together experts and successful entrepreneurs to help answer the most important questions business owners have about starting and growing their business.  
We didn’t get the chance to answer every question in our latest Bootcamp. In this article, our experts are back to answer some of these questions.  
How did you set-up your dropshipping or order fulfillment program? 
“There are multiple platforms that can help you start dropshipping. At Bohemian Mama, we use Revcascade and Convictional. The platforms plug into our website and connect SKUs from the supplier’s product catalog to ours. We then write SEO-friendly product descriptions and add imagery, while the supplier updates the stock counts within the dropshipping platform.  
When the order is fulfilled, the supplier will close the order with a tracking number which then will trigger our order shipped email, providing customers with their delivery info.  
Dropshipping platforms will even provide direct access to the different suppliers on the platform so you can easily review products and find the brands you want to drop ship with.”  Gina Ozhuthual, Founder and CEO of Bohemian Mama and Founder of The Creative Brand Architects  
You can find information about integrating PayPal into your dropshipping program here 
How can you promote your website across platforms to get above the noise and get noticed? 
“Trying to rise above the noise requires a mixture of choices. Firstly, it’s matchmaking. Try to find a platform that fits your brand image, there's no shortage of platforms to choose from so instead of doing it all, choose one and do it well before moving onto the next. Make sure your graphics are punchy and the messaging is as short as possible with a clear call-to-action [CTA]. The CTA should always align with the objective of your campaign. It could be engagement, awareness, education, etc.  
Create a calendar to make sure messaging is consistent. Content should encourage engagement and be valuable to your customer. Starting to build a community page of like-minded people who have similar interests is also a great idea. It should help with user-generated content and create self-propelled marketing. In return, you build an audience that's aligned to your product or service.  
Collecting an email address is worth $4.20 on average to Mo Bro’s, (this will vary from business type and product price) so a strategy of moving customers over from social platforms to a CRM or an email list will help increase site visitors and build sales 
Don't be afraid to A/B test with your content and research platform algorithms to try and give you an upper hand. We actively practice getting better at what we're doing every day, it's ok to make mistakes but try to learn from them. Progress takes time and is always longer than what you expectBut small steps lead to quantum leaps.” - Keval Dattani, CEO and Co-Founder of Mo Bro's Grooming Company 
How can I accept payments from countries like the Philippines? 
In a few simple steps, business owners can set up their PayPal Business account to accept payments from the Philippines and in many other foreign currenciesThat’s not all though.  
PayPal also helps business owners convert foreign currencies automatically, manually, or not at all. Find our foreign payments guide hereDr. Tiffany Raymond, PHD, Head of Global Customer Advocacy and Experience at PayPal 
How did you set-up the Bohemian Mama affiliate program? 
“We use CJ Affiliate at Bohemian MamaOther programs you might want to consider include Pepperjam and Carro. Platforms like these help brands and retailers connect with content publishers, coupon verticals and other media sites to share site links, products, and promotions for commission.  
These platforms can be costlyTake your time to get it right, otherwise you might sacrifice the integrity of your brand with bad coupon sites or pay commissions you can’t affordSetting up your affiliate program properly will help ensure you don’t compromise your margins.  
I urge business owners to thoroughly research how affiliate programs work and partner with an affiliate manager when committing to a platform. When done properly you can see significant increases to site traffic and conversion rates. It really is a balanced combination of the coupon verticals, content publishers, and media sites that will give you the most success long term.”  Gina Ozhuthual, Founder and CEO of Bohemian Mama and Founder of The Creative Brand Architects 

Another option for business owners is Honey, a PayPal service that helps people save time and money when shopping online. 
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The panelists also created a checklist to help guide you through topics like picking the right tools, how to use social media, and common pitfalls to avoid. Download the Checklist 

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