Security Tools - PayPal

Security Tools

Your security is one of our primary concerns. So we’ve developed powerful countermeasures and formed partnerships with other companies – all to help fortify your online security.

NEW! Iconix® Truemark® Email Identification

Is an email real or fake? Iconix Truemark icons can help reduce the risk of email fraud by confirming the source of the sender. Find out more.

NEW! Email Authentication.

With this new technology, you can be more confident knowing that emails from PayPal are actually from PayPal. Find out more in the Email Authentication Overview.

Equifax Credit Alerts™ for PayPal users

We’ve partnered with Equifax to provide you with an early warning detection system for potential identity theft. It’s free for U.S. PayPal users. Find out more with the Equifax Credit Alerts Guide.

Virtual Debit Card

A digital credit card for PayPal users that generates a temporary number every time you use it and warns you of potentially fraudulent websites. These convenient features will help keep you safe and secure when you shop online.

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Get answers to your questions. Everything from phishing emails to transaction issues. Go to Get Help Fast.

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