TopUp your PayPal account

Top up your PayPal account

Want to Top Up your account?

You can top up your PayPal account through a bank transfer from your bank account with PayPal Top Up.

Want to shop more online?

With PayPal Top Up, you won't have spending limits like with credit card.

Have no credit card or don’t like using it online?

No problem: with PayPal Top Up you just don’t need it.

Do you sell online?

Thanks to PayPal Top Up, you can reach more customers and get paid by everyone. Buyers don’t need a credit card anymore.

It's easy

Log in to your PayPal account and click Top Up Account. And than follow the instructions.

It’s convenient

Absolute freedom, complete control: with PayPal Top Up, you decide your spending limit.

It’s free

PayPal applies no fees to Top Up. Fees may be applied by your bank to carry out your bank transfer request.

It’s safe

Maximum protection. With PayPal Top Up, you have all PayPal protection. Like always at PayPal.

Top up your PayPal account

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