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24/7 Fraud Monitoring $0 liability on unauthorized PayPal transactions PayPal Purchase Protection*

for eligible purchases

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Choose payment method during checkout Earn your reward points Send money for free in the US Withdraw money from PayPal
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*PayPal Purchase Protection covers all types of payment options: if your order doesn't match the description or is a no-show, we'll help you get a refund. See eligibility.

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How to choose your payment option at checkout

Don't want to use your default payment method? Click "change".

Select or add the payment option you want to use.

Complete your purchase.

Get your ducks in a row.

Add your debit card to PayPal to stay in control of your spending. Easily manage all your expenses, whether they're for you or your household.

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Add your cards, keep earning your points.

Add as many credit cards as you want to PayPal. When you use them to shop, you can continue to earn your reward points, miles and cash back.

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Adding a card to your account is a snap with the app.

Simply open our app, take a photo of your card and you're done.

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Go ahead, add another payment method or two, and add extra flexibility to your account.

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