Advanced Fraud Management Filters

Target fraud more accurately with customizable protection

Your PayPal account already has basic fraud management filters. Now, you can gain even more control over fraud when you upgrade to Advanced Fraud Management Filters, available to merchants using Website Payments Pro.

Our filters automatically weed out risky transactions so you can:

  1. Reduce chargebacks - more accurately block fraudulent transactions
  2. Increase revenue - automatically accept more valid transactions
  3. Save time - reduce the number of orders that need to be reviewed

A total of 17 settings can be customized to fit your business’ particular risk management needs. For example:

  • Match and validate credit card and street address data
  • Identify high-risk transactions based on ZIP codes, email or IP addresses, suspicious bank IDs, and other factors
  • Screen for an unusually large number of orders, and other types of risky transactions

Upgrade today

Already have Website Payments Pro? Log in, then click Upgrade Now from the "Edit My Filter Settings" page.

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  • $20 USD monthly + $0.05 USD per transaction
  • No set-up fees
  • No cancellation fees

How it works

  1. You set filter levels based on your business needs (see the Advanced Fraud Management Filters user guide for detailed instructions).
  2. Once filters are set, transactions are automatically approved, denied, or held pending for your review.
  3. You then manually accept or deny transactions in the pending file.

Note: Check with your shopping cart provider to be sure they support Advanced Fraud Management Filters. If they don't, visit the PayPal Integration Center for more information.