Accept local currencies.

Preferred payment methods vary by country. So it’s important to understand what’s best for each market you’re targeting.

Know how they want to pay.

Cross-border shoppers often abandon online purchases if they can't pay in their local currency or by the preferred method. So, as you research payment providers, consider:


Make sure your provider offers one or more methods that appeal in your target markets – like debit cards or PayPal. With a payment wallet like PayPal there’s no need to pick each local funding method by market. When customers pay with PayPal they can fund their wallet with their preferred payment type.


While people prefer to pay in their local currency, an internationally recognised option like US dollars or euros may be an option too. Some providers will allow you to list prices in different currencies. If you’re not offering payment in the local currency, provide a currency conversion tool.

PayPal enables consumers and merchants to receive money in more than 100 currencies, withdraw funds in 56 currencies, and hold balances in their PayPal accounts in 25 currencies.

How PayPal can help.

PayPal is frequently used for overseas online shopping – the preferred choice for nearly 7 in 10 cross-border shoppers.

Cross-border convenience

With a single PayPal account you can receive payments from more than 218 million active accounts worldwide, and sell to customers in more than 200 markets using 25 currencies.

A local presence

Launch with ease in over 60 countries. PayPal Global Sellers automatically translates your website and converts your prices into the local currency, providing a fully localised and secure international checkout process.

Buyer Protection

Earn the confidence of international customers. 81% of cross-border online shoppers are more willing to make a purchase from an overseas merchant because their eligible purchases can be covered by PayPal Buyer Protection.*

Seller Protection

PayPal Seller Protection** can extend to cross-border transactions, so you can confidently sell in new markets. A dedicated team will help mitigate fraud, protecting you from ‘unauthorised transaction' and ‘item not received’ buyer complaints.

Local prices. More secure checkouts. More sales.

Discover PayPal Global Sellers

Get help selling internationally.

Find new global customers

Gather insights into your target markets.

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Accept local currencies

Let customers pay their preferred way.

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Build local knowledge

Understand different taxes, laws and duties.

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Make shipping simple

Offer easy, friendly deliveries and returns.

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Marketing without borders

Talk to customers where they already are.

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Learn from your success

Find more ways to drive demand.

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PayPal Buyer and Seller protection

Cover eligible transactions from unauthorised payments and item not received claims.

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PayPal Return Shipping on Us

Refund customers’ eligible return shipping costs from over 40 different countries. £15 refund per return, max of 12 returns per calendar year.

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