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Allowing your customers to checkout with PayPal offers a wealth of benefits. How quickly can you grow your business online?

In a recent survery*, Forrester Research Inc. asked UK Online Shoppers about their experiences. The results show that offering PayPal as a checkout option builds trust, and is seen as fast and convenient. It even makes commerce easier!

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build trust


New customers feel more comfortable making a purchase from a site if they can check-out with PayPal.

UK online buyer average:27%, UK PayPal Users:32%

“When I visit the retail website of a brand that I am not familiar with, I am generally comfortable making a purchase”

A stitch in time

Make it quick as possible for your customers to buy from your site. PayPal’s three-click checkout saves people from having to dig out their credit cards every time they shop. Time is money!

UK online buyer average:71%, UK PayPal Users:76%

“I save time by shopping online”

Shop around the world

More and more customers are comfortable buying products online from international websites, so ensure you clearly display international shipping details and provide multi-currency checkout options.

UK online buyer average:22%, UK PayPal Users:28%

“I don't mind buying products online from retailers located in other countries”

37% of UK sales go to overseas shoppers. 58% of UK shoppers use PayPal when shopping internationally

Shop from


Make it easy for all your customers to use your site. Mobile and tablet shopping is becoming the norm so make your site and your checkout process smartphone friendly. PayPal checkout is mobile-ready from beginning to end.

UK online buyer average:67%, UK PayPal Users:73%

“I shop online because it is easier than going to a store”


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