Raising new funds for charities through technology.

More than 7,000 UK charities have already enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund.

Using the power of PayPal to help charities

PayPal Giving Fund is an independently registered UK charity (No. 1110538) that uses PayPal technology and financial support to raise new funds for good causes without charging donors or charities for our services.

Our team.

Nick Aldridge

Nick AldridgeCEO

Nick heads up the PayPal Giving Fund team globally, supporting the US and UK boards in developing and driving the organisation's strategy. Nick joined PayPal Giving Fund from ACEVO, the professional network for charity leaders, where, as director of strategy, he led the association's policy and professional development teams.

Ria Broad

Ria BroadHead of Cause Programmes

Ria manages PayPal Giving Fund’s UK cause programmes to maximise the value generated and funds raised for good causes. In addition, Ria develops strategic partnerships with UK charities to increase the impact of their campaigns across digital channels.

Anya Milligan

Anya MilliganUK Financial Controller

Anya handles our accounting, overseeing our financial operations and preparing our accounts. She is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and has worked in a wide range of organisations in the private and voluntary sectors.

Tawheed Rahim

Tawheed RahimCommunications and Marketing Manager

Tawheed is responsible for developing and delivering communications to charities. This includes keeping charities enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund up-to-date, as well as working to expand PayPal Giving Fund’s network of charities globally. He also supports our partners, to promote their giving campaigns and channels to charities.

Sharnie McCourt

Sharnie McCourtOperations and Client Services Manager

Sharnie leads PayPal Giving Fund’s Customer Service operation globally, as well as working closely with our UK enrolled charities to help them to utilise our programmes such as PayPal, Facebook, eBay for Charity, GoFundMe and Humble Bundle.

Daisy Crawford

Daisy CrawfordAccountant

Daisy is responsible for monitoring the unenrolled charities payment process. She is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and has worked within the private and charity sector in the UK and Singapore.

Our board.

PayPal Giving Fund is overseen by an experienced Board of Directors. They meet regularly to oversee our policies and practices to promote integrity, transparency and accountability.

Alison Sagar

Alison SagarChair, PPGF UK and Marketing DirectorUK, PayPal

Alison’s responsible for the UK consumer strategy and part of the global marketing leadership team at PayPal. Previously, she set up a registered charity to raise money for a variety of health related causes including the Sick Children’s Trust and Ellen MacArthur’s Cancer Trust.

Naomi Marek

Naomi MarekVice-Chair, PPGF and CEOSky Badger

Naomi is the founder of Sky Badger, the UK charity that’s supported over 1 million families looking for help and adventure for their disabled children. She’s also worked in primary and secondary education provisions and as part of the Disability Action Alliance with the Department of Work and Pensions. She has worked both on boards of Trustees as a general member and as a specialist special educational needs member and chair.

Angela Cummings

Angela CummingsHead of Marketing and CommunicationsSue Ryder

Angela heads up the Marketing and Communications team at national hospice and neurological charity Sue Ryder. She spent the last six years developing and delivering strategies for charities including The Health Foundation and Beating Bowel Cancer.

Sean Milliken

Sean MillikenHead of Global Social InnovationPayPal Inc.

Sean helps to harness PayPal’s assets and expertise to improve the lives of people and their communities. Previously he launched MissionFish and helped to launch eBay for Charity, a ground-breaking charitable giving programme which has raised over $500 million.

Eva Gustavsson

Eva GustavssonDirector, Government RelationsPayPal

Eva looks after government relations for PayPal and is the PayPal UK management team member sponsoring Social Innovation. Before PayPal, Eva was responsible for Barclays PLC’s relations with regulators. Prior to joining Barclays, Eva was a financial services consultant in Washington, DC and London.

Amit Ghosh

Amit GhoshPrincipal ConsultantTata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Amit is a senior member of the TCS Global Change Management Team, leading large business transformation projects across the UK and Europe. He has wide-ranging experience in consulting for major financial services and utilities companies, with expertise that include project management, senior-level relationship building and an understanding of the linkages between business and technology.

Becoming a partner.

PayPal Giving Fund is interested in partnering with businesses that:

Can generate significant impact raising funds for charitable causes in the UK, US, Australia and/or Canada

Operate a marketplace or platform where donations can be an integrated part of the customer experience

Wish to help customers support a wide range of charities

Are familiar with PayPal payment technology and keen to innovate in development and promotion

Connect to new donors and funds.

Enrol my charity

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