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Easy account management. Quick access to key tools

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All merchants who login to PayPal.com

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The PayPal business account has been redesigned to make it quicker to carry out daily tasks. It also includes new analytics features like sales charts and graphs. Why not try the new PayPal business account now? If you work away from your PC, the new account is also fully optimised for your smartphone or tablet.

Start using the new PayPal business account today and all your transactions and account details are ready for you to work with straight away.

Manage your money easily – check transactions anywhere and move money in seconds

Save time and get on with business – manage payments in one place and run reports easily

New reporting suite to track sales – track your business with new charts, graphs and customer data

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The transactions page is easier to navigate, filter and search. Just visit the Transactions tab.

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Commonly used tools can be found on your account overview, all others are now in the Tools tab for easy access.

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