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2 hours 3 minutes to make a legend

Haile Gebrselassie isn’t just a 10,000m gold medallist. He was the first ever marathoner to reach the 2 hour 3 minute mark. After retiring from competitive running in 2015, he continues to apply his discipline and hard work to entrepreneurial pursuits. When he’s not working, he’s conquering mountains. He takes on the trails of Mount Entoto every morning.

Be inspired as Haile shares his energy and mindset with fitness enthusiasts across the globe, reminding us all that things will work out.

Haile's Secrets to Success

Know Yourself

Haile knows a thing or two about taking what’s different and turning it into a competitive advantage. 10 years of holding books while running to and from school led to Haile’s distinctive style where his right arm swings while his left remains static. Emphasizing the importance of understanding yourself and what works for you, he redefines the idea of competition, “your race is not against other athletes, it's against you. Win yourself.”

Haile advises, “Don’t change your style. Work with it. Choose running gear depending on how you run, what’s right for you.” While perfecting one’s running style takes time, shopping for the perfect fitness gear and training equipment doesn’t have to. Pay online however you want, with debit cards or credit cards at a speed that even Haile would approve of, with PayPal. And with the time you save, get back to training!

Beat Haile to the Beat.

The best workouts leave you breathless – this one will leave you happy. Beat the legend to the beat, as you try to match Haile’s energy and speed in the #ThingsWillWorkout challenge.

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Go the Extra Smile

Haile has a smile so brilliant that it can distract from his dazzling collection of medals.
Manager/coach, Jos Hermens has said, “his smile makes athletes smile,” recalling young Haile’s expression as he declared his dream to be the best long-distance runner in the world. Haile is the first to point out, “of course there is disappointment when you lose, but it’s in my character. I am always joyful.” The sense of control that comes with a positive mindset is Haile’s winning formula.

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Stay On Track

Haile uses music to train, find his rhythm during races, and bring the fun to his workouts. Upbeat Ethiopian tracks are his personal favorites for warm-up sessions.

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