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Small businesses are now facing new challenges. Adjusting to this new reality, business owners are fighting back with ingenious pivots, perseverance and resilience. While we share their inspiring stories, we count on you to support their businesses. #SupportLocal

Co-founder of Delegate

“We started in 2015, with the mission to connect people through the power of events.”
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Owner of HyggeHomey

“We turn houses into inspired homes.”
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Owner of Dance Embassy

“10 years ago, dance helped me recover from depression.”
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Owner of The Floral Atelier

“At a time when you’re unable to speak to your friends and loved ones in person, we’re here to say it with flowers.”
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Owner of Social Gifting

“At some point in our lives we’ve all had to rely on the kindness of strangers.”
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Owner of Empire Eats Group

“The playing field in F&B got reset.”
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