Get an extra 5 minutes of sleep, go from one meeting to another with ease, or simply beat the crowd in comfort.

With PayPal on Grab, you can ride easy and manage your payments more safely – all from one account.

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Ride with ease, pay with flexibility

One too many cards? Perfect! Just link and manage them all in one place with PayPal, and pay with your preferred card every time. Even better, you’ll still earn your reward points*.

Manage your payments from one place

Safer rides every day

Share the ride, not your card details. PayPal keeps all your financial information securely encrypted in one place, so you can Grab without worries.

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Make PayPal the way to pay

Step 1

Select the menu tab on your Grab app, and select GrabPay

Step 2

Tap on the wallet icon

Step 3

Add PayPal as your payment method and tap on your linked PayPal account

Step 4

Set your PayPal account as primary, and you’re all set to go!

Start riding smart with PayPal

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