FinTech Research & Development

Shaping the Future of Payments.
Here at PayPal, we believe in using science and
technology as an enabler for serving business needs.


We strive to perform game-changing FinTech research with Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Systems experts. PayPal Innovation Lab collaborates with Institutes of Higher Learning to nurture the next generation of Singapore’s FinTech research and technology talents. The students gain access to PayPal’s greatest minds, resources, and experience, while developing technologies and know-how for tomorrow’s FinTech industry.


Current Research Topics

Risk & Compliance

  • Fraud Detection
  • Merchant Risk
  • Identity Verification

Insights & Optimization

  • Community Detection
  • Cache Optimization
  • Anomaly Detection

Human Computing Interaction

  • National Language Processing
  • Information Retrieval