Booking a ride? Done. Playing your favourite tunes on repeat? Done. Shopping for your statement outfit? Done. With PayPal, you can keep payments for all your everyday needs simple, safe and super smart. No queues, no cash, no worries.

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With PayPal, you can link all your cards in one place and choose your preferred card to pay every time you shop. Better yet, you’ll keep earning those reward points too.*

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PayPal never sleeps. So you can be sure that all your financial information is securely encrypted and protected with 24/7 anti-fraud monitoring.

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Skip those digits and go straight to the good part – shopping! PayPal One Touch™ lets you pay without hassles, with just one touch. Like, literally.

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With hundreds of local online stores and millions more around the world, PayPal makes payments simple, safe and super smart, almost everywhere.

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*Reward schemes may differ when using PayPal. Please refer to your credit card provider for details