We may request for your business and financial information.


We’ll review your documents to determine a partnership model.


You may appeal the proposal by providing more information.

Risk variables.

The fundamental underwriting and risk management guidelines are very much similar across the industry. Businesses under these categories will require underwriting.

  • Large volume businesses who process a significant monthly sales volume
  • Businesses with certain industry profile such as travel, ticket sales, membership and services, are deemed more risky by most payment processors

Understanding your business.

We may require the following additional business and financial information for underwriting.

What information is needed? How will it be used?
Business licence or registration This information helps us verify that your business identity is genuine and legitimate, so we can ensure a safer ecommerce community.
Financial statements, such as your business balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow and bank statement This information helps to provide us some clarity about your business financial status and stability.
Business website, description of your business model, products, refund policy, product fulfillment timelines, number of employees and monthly sales. By understanding your business and operation model, product offerings and projected monthly sales, we could help manage our partnership better.