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Why did I get API error code 10417?

PayPal returned API error code 10417 - Transaction cannot complete - "Instruct the customer to retry the transaction using an alternative payment method from the customer's PayPal wallet" or "The transaction did not complete with the customer's selected payment method."

The customer's credit card failed bank authorization.

Notify the customer that PayPal can't process the payment, and display other payment methods that the customer can use. If the customer has no other PayPal funding source that is likely to succeed, tell them to contact PayPal Customer Service using the Call us or Email us links at PayPal's Contact Customer Service. For automatic payments, the customer can receive this information via email.

API error code 10417 can also occur if the final total of the order (OrderTotal) significantly exceeds the original estimated amount you sent in the SetExpressCheckout API call. If this is the case, the transaction may not have passed PayPal's risk and anti-fraud measures.

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