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Can I change my reason for filing a dispute or claim?

You can change your reason if you originally filed a dispute because you didn't receive your item, and then received the item but found it to be different from the description.

Here's how to change your reason for a dispute:

  1. Go to your Resolution Centre. (The Resolution Center is accessible under 'Help' via the PayPal app.)
  2. Click View next to your case. 
  3. Click Change your reason for this dispute/claim.

By changing the dispute reason, you automatically escalate the dispute to a claim.

This means that you're asking PayPal to review your case and decide the outcome.  

We usually reach a decision within 14 days, but some cases can take 30 days or longer.  Keep an eye on your emails and your Resolution Centre for updates from us or requests for more information. 

If a non-receipt claim you filed has been closed and you received your item, you can appeal it and change the claim reason to Item Not As Described.

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