Ripple Yogawear: Growing a borderless business the sustainable way

Jul 08 2020 | PayPal editorial staff

Adva Bruner is the founder of Ripple Yogawear, an Israel-based ecommerce startup and sustainable fashion brand for yogis around the world.
When Adva brought together her two passions, sustainable fashion and yoga, she quickly found success selling her line online. Soon, she was seeing about 1000 visitors and 20-60 orders a day. To her surprise, most came from outside her country. And, as her line grew, so did the cross-border payment complexities, like currency conversion and customer trust.
See how she navigated this growth with PayPal’s help.


Today, Adva continues to raise awareness for sustainable fashion worldwide with the support of PayPal.
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Article image taken by Liran Kalina.  

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