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Accepted across 200 countries, by millions of businesses and all major freelance platforms. PayPal makes it easy to get paid and easy to grow your freelance business.

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Why freelancers choose PayPal

Globally trusted

Millions of consumers, businesses and freelancers use PayPal. It’s a secure way to request payment and give peace of mind to you and your client.

You get paid quicker

With so many ways to get paid, you can select the method that best suits your clients and the funds will be sent straight to your account.

You’re protected

With Seller Protection on eligible transactions*, you’re protected from certain frauds, which takes much of the stress out of payment worries. So, you can freelance more confidently.
*Terms and conditions apply.

You can go global

Relied on in over 200 markets, including most of the popular freelance marketplaces, with PayPal you can take your freelance business pretty much anywhere.

We make it easier to get paid

Professional invoices

Create customisable, professional invoices complete with your own logo, send them to your clients and track your payments all from your PayPal account.


Receive payments quickly with your own personalised link. Simply send it to your clients by text, email or messaging app to get paid.

Email payment requests

The moment you’ve finished a job, email a payment request through your business account and your client can pay you more easily with their preferred card.

PayPal Business App

Stay on top of your money wherever you are. Send reminders and track invoices, check payment status, and more from your mobile device.

No monthly fee

No matter what payment solution you choose for your freelance business, the same fees apply. You simply pay a fee when you get paid. Also, you can withdraw your funds with ease to a visa card or bank account of your choice.

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Accepted by top freelance marketplaces.

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