Simple, straightforward fees for businesses.

There are no setup, withdrawal or cancellation fees. We simply charge a small fee based on your total sales volume. The more you sell, the lower the fee.

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Fee estimates based on your sales volume.

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Monthly sales volume


4.4% + 15.00 PHP *

See the fees breakdownExisting customers can apply for discounted rates

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These seller fees apply to payments received through your website, online invoices and online marketplaces other than eBay. You can apply for discounted rates when your account is in good standing and you’ve met a qualifying monthly sales volume.

Monthly sales

Transaction Fee

Up to 150,000.00 PHP4.4% + 15.00 PHP *
150,000.01 – 500,000.00 PHP3.9% + 15.00 PHP * ¹
500,000.01 – 850,000.00 PHP3.7% + 15.00 PHP * ¹
850,000.01 – 5,000,000.00 PHP3.4% + 15.00 PHP * ¹
Above 5,000,000.00 PHP3.2% + 15.00 PHP * ¹

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Bank Location


Minimum Withdrawal

Withdrawal Fee

PhilippinesPHP500.00 PHPFree – If 7,000.00 PHP or more is withdrawn50.00 PHP - If less than 7,000 PHP is withdrawn
United StatesUSD$1.00 USDFree
BancNet ATMsCurrencyMinimum WithdrawalWithdrawal Fee
ATMs2 with your GCash MasterCard 2 Visit for supported bank ATMsPHPNo minimumBancNet ATMs
Card TypeCurrencyMinimum WithdrawalWithdrawal Fee
VisaUSD$10 USD (Max. $500 USD per day)$5.00 USD

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