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How do I create and send an invoice?

New Invoice Experience launched to all new invoicing users in September 2023. Creating an invoice is now more than 2x faster & includes real time previews, guided user experience, and the ability to add multiple items such as tax and shipping, with ease.

Here is how you create an invoice:

From the PayPal app

  1. Tap Request.
  2. Tap Send an invoice to get paid.
  3. Fill in the details: who you are billing, what they are paying for, and add any notes or attachments.
  4. Review your invoice and tap Send.

From the website.

  1. Click Pay & Get Paid.
  2. Tap Send an invoice to get paid.
  3. Fill in the details: who you are billing, what they are paying for, and add any notes or attachments.
  4. Review your invoice and tap Send.

How do I share invoice links?
You can also share links to invoices directly with your customers by email, text, or messaging app. To share the link again, copy it from your list of invoices by clicking the three-dot icon for the invoice. Or get the link by opening up the invoice details.

Can I manage PayPal Invoicing from my mobile?

You can create, send, and manage invoices on both desktop computers and mobile phones. You can also send and manage invoices on the go with the PayPal mobile app. Get the mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
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What are quick invoices?
Quick invoices let you send easy, professional payment requests on your mobile phone. They streamline invoice creation so you can quickly share a link to an invoice with your customer. Your customer will still get a professional invoice, including your default business information.

How do invoices for shipping items work?
If you’re shipping an item or need your customer to give a shipping address, check the Ship Order box when you’re creating your invoice. You can then add any shipping costs. When your customer pays, you’ll be able to add tracking information when you ship their order.

How do I schedule recurring invoices?
You can set invoices to repeat weekly, monthly, yearly, or at a custom interval. When you start a recurring series of invoices, the customer will immediately receive the first invoice. (You also can schedule the recurring series to start at a future date.) The following invoices in the series will be issued around 7:00 AM in your time zone according to a frequency that you set.

Can I cancel a recurring invoice series?
You can cancel a single invoice within a recurring series or the entire series of invoices. To cancel an invoice, tap the three-dot icon for the invoice within your list of invoices. You can also cancel the invoice from its details page. When you cancel an invoice within a recurring series, we’ll ask if you want to cancel the single invoice or the entire series.

How do I send invoices across national borders?
There’s no extra step to send invoices across national borders. You can send PayPal invoices to any email address in the world. If your customer has a PayPal account, we’ll display the invoice and email notification in their preferred language. If your customer doesn’t have a PayPal account, we’ll send the invoice and notification email in the language of your account. You can also specify a different language by editing your customer’s contact info when you create the invoice. Fees vary by country or region.

Learn more about merchant fees.

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