PayPal Commerce Platform

PayPal Commerce Platform for enterprises

Global enterprises can harness the world’s leading payments technologies, tools and expertise to scale with speed, while delivering compelling customer experiences across the globe.

Many enterprise capabilities described below are not available for businesses with PayPal accounts solely in Israel and will require accounts in markets where these capabilities are available.1

The payments platform of choice for the world’s leading brands

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A comprehensive, flexible payments platform designed with the needs of both you and your enterprise in mind

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  • Increase conversion and customer lifetime value

    Commerce experiences that keep customers coming back.

  • Unparalleled connectivity to customers and markets

    Access to global markets, consumer networks, financing institutions, strategic partners, and new sales channels.

  • Navigating the changing world of commerce

    Proprietary intelligence to keep you ahead of consumer trends, economic shifts, regulatory changes, and industry innovation.

  • Optimize your payment operations

    More choice, more control, more expertise. Running a modern, efficient, and flexible payments infrastructure.

  • Protect your bottom line and reputation

    Technology tools, and data to manage risk, reduce friction at checkout, and most important of all—maintain the trust of your customers.

Accept payments

Capture more revenue
With optimized cloud-based processing, checkouts can be efficient across devices and channels. PayPal offers payments in 200+ markets and 100+ currencies, allowing your customers to pay with their preferred methods.
  • Tailored checkout experiences

    • Offer customers popular ways to pay with a single integration: PayPal, PayPal OneTouchTM, credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and alternative payment methods
    • Deliver a modern checkout experience customized for your unique payments infrastructure

  • Flexible and scalable payments platform

    • Plug into a processing network powered by trillions of data points from 295+ million active consumers, millions of online stores, and over half a trillion annual transactions
    • Expand into new markets through our unique relationships with global issuers and local banks
    • Develop a customized payments strategy at the processing, acquiring, card, order, and customer levels
    • Improve authorization rates and understand declines with dynamic routing and messaging optimization

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Make payments

Enable fast, frictionless payouts
PayPal makes it easy to disburse funds quickly to virtually any country in the world, in multiple currencies. Build loyalty by offering payees a choice of direct bank deposit, prepaid card, or PayPal.2 Real-time bank validation lets you know exactly when funds have been delivered, while comprehensive reporting can help streamline—or eliminate—costly manual processes.
  • Streamline payee onboarding and compliance management
  • Provide fast local payouts on your schedule and in your choice of currency
  • Hyperwallet enables nine different payout methods through a single integration
  • Deliver payments with the world’s most popular payment methods
  • One control panel easily manages payout data across markets

Manage risk

Realise game-changing business protection
Protect your business. Reduce your compliance burden. And get a comprehensive and customizable suite of fraud tools: real-time fraud prevention, chargeback automation, and AI-based risk intelligence services. Our suite of fraud solutions has the ability to learn from a massive, proprietary dataset from our network of consumers, business and financial institutions—helping you fight fraud effectively while keeping your checkouts fast and easy.
  • Test and deploy rules in real time to adapt to evolving fraud patterns without causing friction or increasing risk of false declines
  • Automate chargeback representment to save time
  • Create a secure checkout experience with our ready-built, SAQ-A PCI compliant interface
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Accelerate growth

Leverage unique commerce tools for growth
We have the tools you need to grow. Our commerce technology can help you open new marketing channels and move into new markets. PayPal also offers unique APIs that can securely connect you with complementary partners to create loyalty programs, native commerce experiences and more.
  • Bring your products and services to new buyers through our channel partners
  • Build effective rewards and loyalty partnerships that encourage repeat purchases

Streamline operations

Orchestrate your payments infrastructure
PayPal’s modular, scalable solution lets you create and manage the payments infrastructure that best suits your business. You can keep using the processes and partners that work well and maintain control over how you use and share your data, while letting us streamline the parts of your payments workflow that could be working better. Unlock more operating efficiency and minimize back-office burden with developer-friendly SDKs and APIs, robust reporting, automated disputes resolution, and more.
  • Customize your commerce infrastructure to suit your business and your customers with the built-in PayPal partners, systems and tools
  • Optimize and protect your payments workflow with PayPal security, redundancy and processing partner flexibility
  • Count on our white-glove customer and technology support to resolve questions
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PayPal is the easiest way to integrate today’s most popular payment methods. Explore our complete set of dev docs and resources to help you learn, experiment, test, and integrate.

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1 Many of the enterprise capabilities described on this page are powered by Braintree. To fully access these capabilities, business will need an operating entity one of the markets where Braintree operates. For more details see list of Braintree available markets.

2 Applicable to markets where the described payment methods are available