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How it works for your donors.


Your supporters choose PayPal to donate on your website.


They make a one-off payment, or subscribe to regular donations, by logging in to their PayPal accounts or entering their credit card details.


They review and confirm their donation and billing details.


They receive confirmation of their donations.


How to set up online donations via PayPal.

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Sign up for a PayPal Business Account and select the ‘Non Profit Organization’ option.

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Send us the list of needed documents.

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Add our popular ‘Donate’ button, or ‘Subscribe’ button, to your website. Just copy and paste a few lines of HTML code.

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Which documents would I need to send you?

NPOs would be asked to provide us with:

  • NPO registration certificate (Ishur Amuta)
  • Certificate of Good Governance (Nihul Takin)
  • A voided check /bank statement for the bank account (with organization’s name and address)
  • LOA (Authorization letter) from the account holder if he is not a director of the company. The LOA must be signed by a director/owner/CFO
  • The ID of the PayPal account holder and each one of the people in the LOA
  • NPO profile
  • Address confirmation – a scanned utility bill that shows the name and address of the NPO