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How it Works

How to enrol with PayPal Giving Fund Ireland

The quickest way to receive funds is to enrol with us by opening a free PayPal charity account and completing your Profile.

What are the benefits of enrolment?

No Fees

Our operating costs are covered by our partners, so we don’t charge for our services. 100% of funds received by PayPal Giving Fund are granted to Irish charities. *

Reports and receipts

We provide donation and donor reports, issue receipts and make grants to your charity every month.

Attract more donors

Enrolling with us puts your charity in front of an audience of millions.

Easy to enroll

You just need a PayPal business account with confirmed charity status to enrol. For more info on how to enrol, click here 

PayPal Giving Fund Dashboard

Helping charities keep track of funds raised through our programs

Dashboard: keep track of your grants from PayPal Giving Fund, broken out by programme 

Activity: see which donors have supported your charity, and who has opted in to hear from you  

Resources menu (quick links to your PayPal donations page, profile and settings)

* Some ecommerce partners may charge fees on donations made through their platforms.  

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