We do the guard part.

Our sophisticated technology, well-engineered processes and top notch fraud intelligence help safeguard your money, 24-7.

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Learn how PayPal protects your transactions.


World-class security

We are trusted by over million users around the world. We process 25 currencies from 202 countries and markets and convert them securely for your convenience. Your money is so well travelled.


PCI DCC compliance

We’ve got what you need for PCI DSS compliance. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) is a set of comprehensive requirements all businesses that handle credit and debit payments must comply with, regardless of the size or number of transactions they process.


We never close

Our dedicated team monitors every transaction in real-time, 24/7 to help prevent against fraudulent transactions and email phishing. Every transaction is heavily guarded behind our next-level encryption.

Security and speed is critical to us and our customers. All of our services are in the cloud, so we needed a fast and reliable digital payment solution.

- Felipe Sánchez CEO of Wingu Networks, www.wingunetworks.com

Learn how PayPal protects your transactions.


Chargeback management

A chargeback occurs when a customer asks their credit card provider to reverse a transaction. If a buyer requests a chargeback or fund reversal, we’ll work with you to resolve the issue.  We’re here to help you through the process.


Seller Protection

Your eBay sales may be eligible for the Seller Protection program, that covers you for the full amount of the payment when you are sent an unauthorized payment (for example, from a hacked account).

Your security. Our priority.

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