Step by step: Buyer Protection claim

  1. Report problem and resolve it with seller

    You have 45 days after you made the payment to report a problem.

    • In your PayPal account, go to the "Resolution Center" tab. Click "Resolve dispute" and go to "Report problem" on the following page.
    • Select "Buyer Protection" and enter the transaction code of the affected payment on the next page.
    • On the next page you can select what type of dispute you would like to report: The item has not been shipped or the item is significantly not as described.
    • Then you will be asked to provide additional information, e.g. in which category you purchased the item. You may also post a message to the seller which can be viewed in their account.

    You have now reported your problem and can exchange information with the seller in the "Resolution Center" section of the PayPal website.

    In case you cannot resolve the issue with the seller in an amicable manner, you have the option to involve PayPal to resolve the case. To do so, file a Buyer Protection claim within 20 days after you reported your problem.

  2. Filing a Buyer Protection claim

    If you were not able to come to an amicable resolution, you may involve PayPal to resolve the case by filing a Buyer Protection claim.

    • Go to the "Resolution Center" tab and view the details of the dispute.
    • In the area "Resolve dispute" please select "I would like to end communication and escalate this dispute to a claim with PayPal" and then click "Continue".
    • On the next page you will be asked to provide additional information to support resolving the case.
    • Click "File a Buyer Protection claim" to submit your application for Buyer Protection.

    Please allow 30 days for processing the case. If all requirements are met, you will be refunded the item price and shipping costs to your PayPal account.

    Your article received is not as described?
    In this case PayPal will ask you for a written, informal confirmation from a third party describing the article’s condition. To further pursue your buyer protection request, PayPal has to find out the exact condition to detect the damage or how much the articles differ from the description.

    An independent third person like a merchant or another expert third-party can issue this confirmation for you. The document can be informal but should bear the date, name, address and telephone number of the issuer and describe the article and its defects in detail.