Save Money With PayPal's Competitive Rates

A PayPal Business or Premier account will let you accept credit card payments while avoiding the high costs of a traditional merchant account.

 Typical Merchant AccountPayPal
Delivery, setup, software, and application fees
$100.00 USD-$300.00 USD
Monthly fees
$50.00 USD-$90.00 USD
Gateway fees
$20.00 USD-$35.00 USD per month + $0.10 USD-$0.20 USD per transaction
Transaction discount rate
1.9%-3.5% + $0.15 USD-$0.50 USD

Chargeback protection
Exposed to all chargebacksPayPal's Seller Protection Policy
Monthly reporting
$10.00 USDFree
Lengthy application process, minimum 6 month contract
Instant availability, no minimum commitment
Does not apply to Website Payments Pro or Virtual Terminal.