Partner Qualifications

Why should I join the PayPal Partner Program?

If your merchants would benefit from you offering an integrated (or complementary) payments solution to help them get paid faster and easier, then becoming a PayPal Partner makes sense.

Joining our PayPal Partner Program allows you to offer PayPal products and empowers you with access to valuable tools and resources to help you scale your business. It can help you acquire new business customers, build your brand, generate incremental revenue, and more.

Who are our PayPal Partners?

Our partners are B2B companies that offer PayPal products to their business customers, helping them get paid faster and easier. We work with shopping carts, online/mobile commerce providers, marketplaces, acquirers, web developers, POS partners, system integrators, billing platforms, and more.

I think my company is eligible for the Program, but I’m still not sure. What should I do?

We recommend you complete our simple online form. Our payment experts will evaluate your submitted form and contact you with further information. There’s no cost or commitment for the evaluation.

Do I need to enter into an agreement to join the program?

Yes. Upon approval, there is an agreement that will need to be signed prior to officially joining the Program, but the first step is to complete our simple online form. Again, there is no cost or commitment associated with completing the online form.

Do I need to sign up for separate PayPal Partner programs if I do business in other geographical regions around the globe?

Yes, each region around the globe has its own PayPal Partner program because there are slight differences to serve regional needs. Visit our Regional page to see additional programs that PayPal offers.

How do I join the North America PayPal Partner Program?

You can complete the online form at online form. Once completed and submitted, PayPal will review and contact you with next steps.

PayPal Products

Which PayPal products can I integrate?

There are a variety of PayPal products our Partners can offer their merchants to help them get paid faster and easier. Once you complete our online form, one of our payments experts can help you determine the product(s) that best meets your particular needs.

How do I know which PayPal product is the best solution?

PayPal offers a variety of products our Partners can offer their merchants. Click here for a quick comparison of our products to see the benefits and offerings.

Partner Support

What marketing tools are available to PayPal partners?

PayPal Partners are given access to our Partner Portal, which features logos, customizable templates, best practice guides, sales training, and more.

In addition, PayPal Partners are entitled to a standard listing in the PayPal Partner Directory, which allows merchants around the globe to learn more about your company, products, services and offerings.

Partner Information

How is the PayPal Partner Program structured?

The PayPal Partner Program is structured by tiers and program tracks, which are based on a variety of business factors. The tier and track that your business will fall into will be communicated to you as part of the partner on-boarding process.

Do I get paid revenue share?

Gold and Platinum Partners may be eligible for revenue share. This is based on your tier and program track and is evaluated on a case-by-case basis as part of the partner on-boarding process.

I have more questions about the PayPal Partner Program. What should I do?

If you have more questions about the Partner Program, we recommend you complete our simple online form and a PayPal representative will contact you.

Become a PayPal Partner

Join the PayPal Partner Program and let your merchants accept payments faster and easier.

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