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Big savings, speedy shipping, and reliable tracking—all in one place. Experience an easier way to ship with PayPal and netParcel®.

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Simplify your life with PayPal and netParcel

Domestic and international shipping is easier than you think.

Save up to 75% on shipping costs*

Save on both domestic and international shipments.

Track your packages

Easy-to-use domestic and international shipping tracking lets you keep an eye on your package every step of the way.

Ship faster

Auto-populated shipping forms help you save time.

Ship wider

Take care of all your PayPal transactions and easily import orders from e-commerce platforms like Etsy, Shopify and eBay.

Compare shipping rates

Find all the information you need to choose the best carrier and service in one place.

Be protected

Enjoy PayPal’s Seller Protection on all eligible shipments, and easily schedule free parcel pick-ups.

Savings you can see

Check out a few examples of how PayPal and netParcel stack up.*


Calgary → Vancouver
Service: Ground
Parcel weight: 2lbs
Retail rate: $29.50

PayPal + netParcel's rate: $8.05


Toronto → New York
Service: Ground
Parcel weight: 1lb
Retail rate: $27.40

PayPal + netParcel's rate: $6.46


Toronto → Shanghai
Service: Worldwide expedited
Parcel weight: 1lb
Retail rate: $142.90

PayPal + netParcel's rate: $31.58

Meet netParcel

netParcel is a domestic and international shipping service committed to giving you the most competitive rates available. Using best-in-class functionality and cutting-edge technology, netParcel delivers solutions that meet your daily shipping needs.

Shipping made simple

Getting things moving is easier than you think.

Create an account with PayPal or login.
Import and sync orders from PayPal, Etsy, Shopify, eBay, and more.
Enter weight and size information, then save forms for future shipping.
Find carrier and service information at your fingertips.
Print labels and ship at your convenience.

Save big. Ship fast. Do more.

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Shipping Questions? Find the answers you need.

Where does netParcel ship to and from?

netParcel offers domestic and international shipping to and from Canada. LTL services are also available, both within Canada and to the U.S.