Everything You Need to Know About Small Business Shipping

Jul 02 2019 | PayPal editorial staff

Gone are the days when you needed to fear the complexities of shipping. With a little know-how, small business owners can easily receive payments online and ship to customers worldwide.
With online tools like PayPal Shipping with Canada Post, you could be a small business owner who creates one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry in Saskatoon, designs bespoke women’s apparel in Toronto, paints inspirational watercolour artwork in Winnipeg, and ship your goods to customers all over the world.
In fact, getting started online is easy. Below is a round up of 5 key things you need to help get your  small business shipping.
1. Invest in a digital postage scale
Buying a postage scale is an affordable and responsible investment. Without a proper postage scale, you could be overpaying for postage by overestimating the weight of your items. As an online seller, it’s a wise move to invest in a digital postage scale for your small business shipping.
2. Bulk order mailers and labels
Buying your boxes, mailers, labels and other shipping supplies in bulk typically means you can get a very reasonable discount. Plus you save time. You can pick up everything you need for your small business shipping either at your local post office or you can buy online.
3. Incorporate your branding
Think customized stamps, branded thank-you cards, stickers, ribbon, envelopes/bags, confetti, tissue paper, business cards, washi tape — anything that allows your customers to experience your brand right up until they open the package.
4. Protect your goods
How will your items transport from point A to point B? Is it fragile? Will it jiggle, vibrate, shift, or rattle? The item being shipped should look just as good when it arrives as when it left your hands. Put a lot of thought into choosing the appropriate container, cushioning materials, and knowing how to apply the cushion to protect your goods during shipping.
5. Print shipping labels
When you ship online and receive payments through PayPal, you can easily print out your shipping labels right from your PayPal dashboard. Printing your shipping labels on the PayPal site allows you to receive additional discounts through Canada Post. Tracking information is automatically updated and an email with the Tracking number will be sent to your customer.
Getting started is easy!
Whether you are just starting out in your small business or looking to expand into wider markets by becoming an online seller, the ability to share your goods with international customers is right at your fingertips.
With PayPal Shipping with Canada Post, small business shipping is all made easy. You’ll have access to powerful online tools, great savings and valuable advice to help you grow your small business.
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