Business Bootcamps by PayPal: How do you reach new customers online and in marketplaces?

Jun 13 2022 | Dr. Tiffany Raymond

A panel of successful business experts and head of Global Customer Advocacy at PayPal recently hosted a Q&A answering questions from business owners interested in reaching new customers through social platforms and online marketplaces.
Part of the PayPal Business Bootcamp series, this Bootcamp covered how to best reach your customers in online marketplaces, how to transition from marketplace sales to your own website, how to stand out and differentiate your ecommerce business in a crowded space, and key ways to leverage social media to reach your audience.

Who were the panel of experts?
  • Jason Lively, Co-Founder of The Glitter Guy
  • Tim Osborn, Associate Creative Director at Ecwid
  • Dr. Tiffany Raymond, PHD, ‎Head of Global Customer Advocacy and Experience at PayPal
What questions did the experts answer?
  • How do you decide which online marketplace is right for your business?
  • How do you learn more about leveraging social media to grow your business and reach more customers?
  • How do you transition from selling on a marketplace to selling on your own website?
  • Are paid ads on social media effective for generating sales?
  • How do you manage selling on several marketplaces at once?
  • What tactics are effective for making sales and growing your audience on social media?
  • How much time and budget should a business invest in social media?
  • How can I discover if my target audience is on a specific social media channel or online marketplace?
  • How does a new ecommerce business gain customers in a space that feels so full?
If you think answers to these questions might help improve your business, be sure to check out the Bootcamp recording.
Our panelists also created a checklist to guide you through key questions and help you pick the marketplace or social media channel that is best for your business.

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