Forrester TEI: 2022 Study of PayPal’s Enterprise Payment Solutions

Apr 21 2022 | Forrester

Cost Savings and business benefits for Enterprises, enabled by PayPal

Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment enterprises might realize by deploying PayPal’s enterprise solutions. Download the full report below. 

Executive Summary:

PayPal’s enterprise solutions deliver enterprise-level credit card and alternative payment processing services fast and at scale while enabling high authorisation rates. Merchants can offer PayPal’s proprietary payment methods as well as host of other payment methods like digital wallets and other local payment methods. PayPal can enable new sales through partner channels with its unique orchestration technology, sales lift from new customers by leveraging the PayPal’s family, and payment-related cost savings.

Merchants must not only sell goods and services online but they must also provide consumers a quick, easy, and hassle-free buying experience. Merchants expect a payment provider to deliver services that can have global reach and meet moments of peak shopping demand. Customers increasingly expect new, seamless buying experiences. 

PayPal’s enterprise payment solutions, powered by Braintree technology, deliver enterprise-level credit card and alternative payment method processing services and easily integrates with other payment processing services. Merchants see fast transaction processing on a solution that can support enterprise scale in more than 50 countries across more than 130 currencies worldwide. It supports a high volume of credit card processing, as well as high authorisation rates on the first try. Merchants can offer popular PayPal payment options, PayPal wallet and Venmo, as well as many region- and country- specific payment types and other leading digital wallets that customers in those markets prefer and find convenient.


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