5 Ways PayPal Fraud Protection Advanced Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge Against Fraud.

Sep 15 2021 | PayPal Editorial Staff

Help mitigate fraud, reduce losses, and grow your business with PayPal Fraud Protection Advanced.
Digital fraud is evolving, and merchants may struggle to keep up with fraudsters who are continuing to find new ways to circumvent fraud mitigation efforts. Consumer expectations are changing as well, and customers have come to expect seamless, safe online experiences from merchants - and may be abandoning shopping carts when faced with inordinate amounts of friction meant to stop fraudsters. Merchants are on the hunt for a fraud prevention solution that will enable them to stop fraudulent transactions without causing customer insult.
The answer to the problem is here: introducing Fraud Protection Advanced from PayPal.
PayPal Fraud Protection Advanced is an adaptive machine learning solution that helps merchants protect against evolving fraud. Its robust capabilities help mitigate fraud, reduce losses, and protect your business's growth, and is available out-of-the-box for Braintree merchants. Fraud Protection Advanced decisions credit card, debit card, Apple pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Secure Remote Commerce transactions processed with Braintree.
Fraud Protection Advanced is powered by the PayPal 2-Sided Network: a rich source of transaction and risk data gleaned from over 20 years of Fintech experience working with some of the world's biggest companies, 330 million active consumers, and 25 million merchants. Fraud Protection Advanced is more accurate and faster at adapting to shifting fraud patterns than other fraud prevention solutions, thanks to intelligence pulled from viewing both the merchant and consumer sides of more than 15 billion transactions a year1.

In addition to the wealth of intelligence from the 2-Sided Network, merchants get access to best-in-class machine learning and analytics with Fraud Protection Advanced. Designed with machine learning as the core function, Fraud Protection Advanced facilitates real-time and efficient data modeling, quickly adapting to new transactions and shifting fraud patterns. In addition, advanced machine learning allows for customized, out-of-the-box filters based on your individual business metrics, and the ability to test new filters or make changes to existing filters based on your own historical transaction data to help you understand how the changes might impact your business.
With the power of Fraud Protection Advanced, merchants are fighting fraud proactively, not reactively, and levelling the playing field against fraudsters and their continuously evolving tactics. There are a number of significant ways in which your business will get a competitive edge with this solution - here are five of the most impactful.
Identify and investigate suspicious transactions
Stop reacting to fraudulent transactions and chargebacks and start proactively preventing them before they happen. Merchants may see a significant decrease in chargebacks with Fraud Protection Advanced when compared to other fraud prevention solutions2.

Customize capabilities according to your business needs and risk tolerance
Your business will be able to better adapt to changing market conditions with customizable features that help enable you to keep up with rapidly changing buying behaviours and complex regulatory environments without compromising the integrity of your platform. And while fraudsters rapidly change up their tactics to avoid detection, your fraud teams will be equipped with the intelligence and data necessary to recognize fraud patterns and prevent fraud before it happens.
Quickly differentiate legitimate customers from bad actors
Help prevent fraudsters from transacting on your platform and reach new markets and groups of active customers ready to buy more and buy often from your platform. Satisfied customers are more likely to become return customers - Fraud Protection Advanced may help facilitate customer satisfaction by enabling your business to stop treating fraudsters and legitimate customers alike.
Streamline online experiences for trusted users
Reduce customer insult rates by creating frictionless customer journeys that help increase conversion rates, reduce good customer declines, and increase customer lifetime value. Merchants may see a significant reduction in good customer declines2
 with Fraud Protection Advanced when compared to other fraud prevention solutions. Create seamless customer experiences that encourage repeat business on your platform and continued growth over time.
Optimize resources
Help improve operational efficiency to build and maintain a modern payments infrastructure that meets your individual requirements and reduces manual reviews, and free up your fraud team to focus on other business-critical needs.
The fraud landscape is always changing, and new threats are always emerging. It's more important than ever for merchants to equip their business with intelligent, adaptive solutions that enable proactive - not reactive - fraud prevention, and enable businesses to stay ahead of fraudsters' evolving tactics while keeping up with changing consumer habits and expectations. If you're ready to learn more about the many ways in which PayPal Fraud Protection Advanced can benefit your business, 
visit our product page here.

1PayPal Q4 and FY 2020 internal data
2Based on data analysis of 107 merchants' card transactions (9 of which had existing fraud solutions) in high chargeback category (merchants with greater than 1% chargeback rate), from Nov 2019 through Jan 2020. These metrics are intended to represent potential results that may be achieved by using Fraud Protection Advanced. Results may not be typical and individual customer results may vary
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