What other 2-step verification options can I use after PayPal stops supporting Symantec VIP?

From June 24, 2021, we’ll stop supporting Symantec VIP as a 2-step verification option for account login. If you’re using the Symantec VIP security key or Symantec authenticator app for 2-step verification, you’ll no longer be able to use it after this date.

You'll still be required to complete Strong Customer Authentication during login after we discontinue support for Symantec VIP. To ensure continued access to your account, please update the 2-step verification with a different method at your earliest convenience. In addition to using 2-step verification, you can also opt to add your mobile or direct landline number to your PayPal user profile, and receive a SMS / Landline code to comply with Strong Customer Authentication during Login. 

Here are your alternative options to Symantec VIP:

  • Mobile phone SMS
  • Authenticator apps: Options include Authy, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, DUO, YubiKey Auth App, and many others. 
  • YubiKey 5 Series: All of its desktop, authenticator app, and hard tokens will work for primary and secondary users via the “Authenticator Option” in the 2-step verification process.