How do I add PayPal buttons and logos to my website?

PayPal logo

By using PayPal logos you can clearly indicate on your website and during the checkout procedure that you accept payments made through PayPal. The logos are available in different sizes. Select the desired image and then copy and paste the HTML code in your website.

To look at all the options or to use PayPal logos, we recommend that you go to the Online Logo Center.

PayPal payment buttons

If you wish to receive payments through your website, you can use PayPal payment buttons. You simply integrate a payment button into your website by copying and pasting the HTML code.

Follow these steps to create a payment button:

  1. On your account home page, click Seller Preferences.
  2. Click Update next to 'Manage my payment buttons'.
  3. Click Create new button in the column Related Items and follow the instructions.