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Before June 30th, 2018 PayPal is requiring all account users to update their browsers to remain compliant with new security standards. You will not be able to access your PayPal account after June 30th if your browser isn’t updated. Learn how to upgrade your browser.

How do I use my own checkout pages and successfully maintain PCI compliance with Payflow Pro?

You'll need to integrate Transparent Redirect, a solution for merchants who want to maintain full control over designing and hosting checkout pages while remaining PCI compliant.

PayPal highly recommends that you add scripting to ensure the browser posts all sensitive data directly to the PayPal Gateway server rather than to your website.

You also may need to take these steps:
  • If you're using the PARMLIST parameter with Transparent Redirect, follow these instructions.
  • Enable your secure token by logging in to your PayPal Manager account and selecting Security Options > Enable Secure Token > Yes.
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