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Jul 01 2022 | PayPal Editorial Staff

The expanding online shopping space has resulted in a myriad of alternative payment methods for customers globally. Read on to learn how PayPal Checkout can help drive business growth by addressing your customers’ payment needs.

As customers are increasingly empowered to determine their desired shopping experience, a seamless checkout journey is crucial in keeping customers satisfied and to stimulate business growth in the online shopping space.

By integrating PayPal Checkout, you will be able to process over 100 currencies across 200+ markets globally and enjoy additional features that can help to reduce cart abandonment rates. These include providing the flexibility for your customers to pay in their preferred payment methods and the option to skip filling in details for their future purchases.

What is PayPal Checkout?

PayPal Checkout is an all-in-one payment solution that enables your business to securely accept payments in the way your customers prefer to pay all from one account and with one single integration. Here are more ways PayPal Checkout can help you grow your business and sell efficiently:

  • Streamlined checkout
    Easily accept PayPal, debit card, credit card, alternative payment methods, and more across any device—desktop, mobile, or app.
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  • Constantly up-to-date
    Once integrated, PayPal Checkout will always be updated with the latest payment methods and bug fixes—so you can always focus on growing your business.
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  • Customizable experience
    Depending on your integration type, you can build and customize the look and feel of your payment fields to suit your business needs.
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  • Heightened confidence
    Foster loyalty by allowing your customers to pay with their trusted payment method on a platform trusted by over 400M+ global users.
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  • Cut-to-the-chase checkout
    Let your customers save their payment details for recurring payments, subscription plans, or to make future purchases easily.

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How do I set up PayPal Checkout?

There are two ways you can easily integrate PayPal Checkout to your business and you only need to integrate it once to start accepting payments securely. If your business is set up with an eCommerce provider, you can get the latest checkout integration and have it running on your website in a few simple steps.

Alternatively, you can directly integrate PayPal Checkout by selecting either Button, Standard, or Advanced integration to suit your business needs. No matter which integration you choose, PayPal Checkout will intelligently present the most relevant payment types to your customers.

Here’s a rundown of the mechanics for each direct integration type:

Integration Type Button Generator Standard Integration
Benefits Quickly set up PayPal Checkout and start selling easily without adding shopping cart functionality. Integrate PayPal Checkout to your product, cart, and payment pages so your customers can check out directly anywhere without leaving your website.
Technical Requirements Copy and paste code Requires coding
Recommended For Businesses who sell fixed quantity at fixed price Most businesses
Supported Payment Methods
  • Basic card processing for debit and credit cards
  • PayPal payments
  • Alternative payment methods (where applicable)
  • Subscriptions
Card Form Fields PayPal user experience
Vetting Process Not required
Seller Protection For PayPal and basic card transactions
Risk Management Handled by PayPal

Start Setup

If you have developer resources at hand, you can use our PayPal Developer portal to build an online and mobile payments solution using the PayPal JavaScript SDK and REST APIs. This allows for more customizations based on your business needs.

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