Make shipping simple.

A great international service answers global customers’ main concerns upfront.
So make shipping, delivery and returns clear and effortless.

Solve the biggest barriers to overseas sales.

Shipping and returns are the top concerns for cross-border shoppers*:

43% were concerned about shipping costs

43% were concerned about shipping costs

35% thought they may not receive their items

35% thought they may not receive their items

34% said return shipping costs were a worry

34% said return shipping costs were a worry

Shipping services.

Most large shipping companies provide handling, customs and excise documentation, and shipping calculators. Others offer all-in-one cross-border solutions – for example, integrating country tax obligations and international shipping prices into your web checkout, or helping you customise your website for local markets.

Delivery policy.

Encourage sales by offering free delivery on orders over a certain price. Make sure your delivery policy is clear and easy to find on your website, including:

  • All charges – for delivery, plus any likely duties
  • Estimated delivery times
  • State if your delivery service offers online tracking – to give customers added confidence

Clear, hassle-free returns.

To boost customer confidence, offer free shipping for returns. Two out of three customers say they would buy more online if returns were free.** Your returns policy must outline:

Local consumer laws

Including how your returns policy complies with those laws.

Refund details

What you'll give back (such as their full money back or store credit) and when to expect it.

Time limit for returns

For example, within 28 days of the item's delivery.

Fees and charges

Are there any costs for restocking, return delivery or other fees?.

How PayPal can help.

We’ll take the weight of delivery off your shoulders and make returns costs hassle-free for you and your customers.

PayPal Global Sellers

Send your parcel to a UK shipping hub and PayPal handles the rest. It can be cheaper and simpler than handling international fulfilment yourself.

PayPal Return Shipping on Us

When customers use Return Shipping on Us, PayPal refunds their eligible return shipping costs from over 40 different countries. £15 refund per return, max of 12 returns per calendar year.

"It is crucial to meet customers’ expectations, especially regarding delivery and import duties. We don’t want customers to receive an unexpected bill for duty and we don’t want to be caught out by unexpected courier costs."

Ian Bristow, Director, Internet Fusion

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Your shipping questions answered.

Unless you’re a shipping expert, it’s difficult to know the requirements for each country. Solutions providers like Borderlinx can help you take care of all of the documentary requirements. These include customs declarations, commercial invoices, international manifests and labels – all of which are subject to certain regulations.

Get help selling internationally.

Find new global customers

Gather insights into your target markets.

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Accept local currencies

Let customers pay their preferred way.

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Build local knowledge

Understand different taxes, laws and duties.

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Make shipping simple

Offer easy, friendly deliveries and returns.

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Marketing without borders

Talk to customers where they already are.

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Learn from your success

Find more ways to drive demand.

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PayPal Buyer and Seller protection

Cover eligible transactions from unauthorised payments and item not received claims.

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PayPal Return Shipping on Us

Refund customers’ eligible return shipping costs from over 40 different countries. £15 refund per return, max of 12 returns per calendar year.

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