From Ibiza to Australia, if you're traveling with friends, Money Pools can help take the hassle out of group money collection.

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“Collecting money from 7 people can get messy for our annual girls’ trip. This year we all just chipped in £400 each into a Money Pool. It was so easy – and we could see who’d paid already. Once we’d reached our target amount, we booked our trip to Rome!”

- Jules Bryant, Chester

More reasons to love Money Pools

It's personal

There's plenty of room to share your story on the page, so everyone knows exactly what you're chipping in for.

You can chip in for free

Setting up a Money Pool is totally free. And there's no hidden cost for friends chipping in with their PayPal balance, debit card, credit card or bank account.*

Fees will apply if there's a currency conversion involved.

It's more secure

Our encryption keeps online transactions guarded from start to finish and we monitor them 24/7. So you and your friends can chip in worry-free.

It's free and easy to start collecting funds today.

Start a Pool
*Free when sending money to a UK account from a UK account in £GBP. Fees apply when converting currency and when sending money to an account in another country. See fees.

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