PayPal is committed to serving our customers in Thailand, and we are currently working on the relaunch of our services here.

As a newly-licensed payments provider in Thailand, we are undertaking a gradual approach to relaunching our services as we update our products and processes. This means access to and the range of services we offer will change over time. We are working hard to build the best possible platform in Thailand to continue serving our customers.

There will be no changes to our services for existing customers, including consumers, freelancers, and businesses, until we migrate their accounts to our new, locally-licensed platform in March 2022.

If your account was opened prior to March 7, 2021, you will need to take some action to continue using your account in Thailand.

Frequently asked questions

1) What do I need to do?

To continue using your PayPal account in Thailand you will need to take two steps by February 18, 2022:

A) Accept the new PayPal Thailand Relaunch Agreements which includes: 1) PayPal Thailand User Agreement and 2) PayPal Thailand Relaunch Consent Agreement.

B) Verify your identity. Requirements will vary depending on whether you have a personal account or whether your account is for a registered business or registered entrepreneur (sole proprietor). See details for registered businesses and registered entrepreneurs in item #8 below.