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How do I apply for the charity rate?

We offer multiple ways for donors and nonprofits to fundraise online through PayPal. To accept donations for your charity using PayPal, you should first create a PayPal Business account.

To benefit from PayPal fundraising programs, registered charities must confirm that their PayPal Business account belongs to their charitable organization. When their account is confirmed, they'll also benefit from lower processing rates when using the donate button and other donation solutions.

Verify your charity status with PayPal

You can begin the confirmation process at You’ll need to provide information to prove that:

• Your organization is legally registered with the appropriate regulatory body.
• You’re a representative of the organization.

Here’s an overview of the full process below:

1. Charity verification begins when a charity creates a PayPal Business account, selects ‘Nonprofit Organization’ as their business type, and selects the checkbox ‘this Nonprofit is a registered charity’.

2. Once the organization selects that they are a ‘Nonprofit Organization’, they’re required to provide account holder and business information. Then, they’ll be automatically guided through the PayPal confirmed charity flow to apply for charity status with PayPal (PPCC status).

3. Charitable organizations must submit all required documentation, such as:

• Bank account information.
• Proof of identity of the account holder and any authorized users.
• Proof of business registration (an official document with charity letterhead).
• Signed letter of authorization – a downloaded template is available within the onboarding flow, and this document must be signed by either a CEO, CFO, Chairperson, or Managing Director of the organization.

Once submitted, the charity is reviewed by PayPal compliance (within 1 business day).

When the organization is granted confirmed charity status with PayPal (PPCC), they’ll receive an email notification. One of the primary benefits of PPCC is that the charity is now eligible for PayPal’s lower processing rate.

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