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How much does it cost to use PayPal Invoicing?

PayPal Invoicing has no set up or monthly fees. When a customer pays you online, you’re charged a fee based on the amount of the purchase. Fees vary by country or region.

Learn more about merchant fees.

How can customers pay my invoices?

PayPal customers can easily pay your invoices. In most countries, they don’t need a PayPal account to pay. They can also pay you with a credit or debit card. 

Can customers make partial payments?

To accept partial payment from your customer, check the Allow partial payment box under payment options when you’re creating an invoice.

This lets your customers make multiple payments toward the total amount of a single invoice.

If you require a minimum amount due, your customer will need to pay at least that amount in their partial payment.

Your invoice will have a Partially Paid status until it’s fully paid. A record of payments will appear on the invoice details.
Partial payments aren’t a credit product or a way to allow for an excessive number of payments. We may contact businesses if we suspect they’re not using this feature correctly.

What if customers can’t find my invoices?

If your customer can’t find their email notification for an invoice, their email filter might have sent it to the junk folder.

If your customer has a PayPal account, they can pay the invoice by logging into their account where they’ll see the invoice in their Activity. If needed, you can reshare a link to the unpaid invoice with your customer.

Learn how to share an invoice link.

Can I send reminder emails for unpaid invoices?

To send a reminder about an unpaid invoice, find it in your list of invoices. On a desktop computer, click the three-dot icon and click Remind. On a mobile phone, you can send reminders from an unpaid invoice’s details page. You can personalize the reminder before sending it. Your customer will receive an email reminding them to pay the invoice.

To save time, set up automatic reminders for all new invoices in your Invoicing settings. You can also schedule automatic reminders warning customers when an invoice is overdue.

Set up automatic reminders.

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