Whether you’re selling what you love to make or things you don’t need anymore, PayPal takes away the hassles from selling. Get paid with confidence with PayPal Seller Protection on eligible sales!

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Get paid via your unique link

Forget about sharing your bank details to get paid. Seal the deal right there with your unique link over email, instant messenger or through social media.

Peace of mind for all

Rest easy and sell freely! PayPal Seller Protection makes sure you get paid for all your eligible sales. What’s more, your customers are protected with Buyer Protection too!

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Take control of payments in one place

Say goodbye to messy payments or lost records. Because when you sell with PayPal, you can easily track all your received payments in a simple glance.

Sell across multiple platforms

No matter which platform you want to sell on, PayPal protects your sales so you can be sure to get paid. What’s better, buyers can pay you with their preferred card!

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Shop around the world

Buy anything you love from millions of local and overseas online merchants that accept PayPal!

Turn casual selling into a serious business

Looking to grow your online business? Join PayPal for business today – it’s the simpler, faster, safer and more seamless way to sell.

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