Get Help Fast - PayPal

Get Help Fast

Quickly get the answers you’re looking for in the Help Center. You can also go directly to the appropriate area for these common problems:

Phishing/scam email.

Have you received a fraudulent email? Send it to

Unauthorized use of your account.

PayPal provides 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account. If you notice any charge on your PayPal account that you did not authorize, go to PayPal Dispute Resolution.

Problem with your purchase?

Still haven’t received your item? Or is the item significantly different than described? Report it through PayPal Dispute Resolution.

Forgotten password.

Have you forgotten your PayPal password? Get help with Forgot Your Password.

Other transaction issues.

For all other issues, go to the Customer Service Center.

Additional resources for everyone.

To learn more Online Safety Essentials, go to:

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