Here’s how to get started

  1. Step 1: Sign up for a PayPal account through the GCash App ( Android Icon Android ) ( IOS Icon iOS )
  2. Step 2: Use your preferred email ID and complete the setup process to start collecting payments for your online sales or freelancing services
  3. Step 3: Link your PayPal Account on your GCash App to start withdrawing your available balance

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How do I link my PayPal Account to GCash?

Step 1: Log in to the GCash App. ( Android Icon Android ) ( IOS Icon iOS )
Step 2: On the side menu, select “Link PayPal Account”
Step 3: Enter your PayPal-registered email address
Step 4: Log in through the PayPal page that will be prompted, then click “Authorize”
Note: Only GCash-verified (or KYC’d) customers can link their own PayPal accounts. Both accounts must be owned by the same person.

I don’t have a GCash Account yet. How do I sign up for this service?

Step 1: Simply download the GCash app ( Android Icon Android ) ( IOS Icon iOS ) and register
Step 2: Verify your account via

How do I transfer my PayPal balance to GCash?

Step 1: On the dashboard, click ‘Cash-In’ and select ‘PayPal’
Step 2: Select the currency and amount you wish to transfer to GCash
Step 3: Confirm your transaction.
Note: You can only transfer funds after linking your PayPal account.

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