A new way to withdraw funds from PayPal.

It’s now simpler to make withdrawals to any local bank in Soles* with your PayPal account.

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Link your preferred Soles bank account and withdraw funds directly from PayPal


Bank fees and processing time for PayPal withdrawals

Withdrawal TypeCurrencyFees
Withdrawing to your local bank account* which takes 2-3 business daysPENPEN 4.00 per withdrawal^

^If you withdraw your funds in a currency other than the currency in which the balance on your account is denominated, you will additionally be charged currency conversion fees.

Withdrawing to your bank account based in the United States**USD0.5% withdrawal fee in USD

Additional currency conversion processing fees may apply for withdrawing a currency other than USD.

*Withdrawals to your bank account are made by our local regulated partners.

**Withdrawing to your USD account at a Peruvian bank is currently not enabled with PayPal, please use Interbank or Ligo to withdraw USD directly to your USD account at a Peruvian bank or e-wallet.

Other withdrawal options from our partners

With Interbank you can transfer your PayPal funds directly to your bank account and withdraw the funds in Peruvian Soles or USD.

Ligo is a wallet that allows you to transfer your PayPal funds real time to its wallet in Peruvian Soles or USD.