Express Checkout.

Express Checkout offers a quicker, easier payment experience for your customers. We pass their shipping address to you so there’s no need to collect it on your site. Integrated via an API, Express Checkout allows your customers to make payments quickly and seamlessly on your website or mobile app.

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Customers click Check out with PayPal and log in to their PayPal account.


They confirm their pre-populated shipping and payment details on a PayPal-hosted page.


Then, they return to your website to complete the remainder of the checkout process.


Your checkout is automatically mobile-optimised with Express Checkout, no matter how your website is set up. Customers using smartphones can complete their payment quickly and easily.


With PayPal you only pay when you receive payments. No monthly or hidden fees. As your sales volume increases, you’ll become eligible for lower rates.

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Boost your sales with One TouchTM

When you use Express Checkout, your customers can checkout with One Touch. Once activated, One Touch allows your customers to buy with just one click: no login, password or billing information necessary. And best of all, their transactions are still backed by PayPal's world-class fraud protection.

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Questions and answers

What is PCI compliance and do I have to worry about it?

Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards are minimum requirements for protecting your customers’ card information. PCI compliance is required for all merchants that touch, store, transmit or process credit card details. Express Checkout takes your customers to a PayPal-hosted checkout page which means you never see their card information. And, because we handle your customers’ card information for you, you can forget about the time, cost and headache of maintaining PCI compliance.

I already have a payment gateway. Can I still add Express Checkout?

Yes. You can use Express Checkout in combination with your existing payment solution to attract new customers who prefer to pay with PayPal, or as a standalone payment product on your site.

Can I use Express Checkout to sell internationally?

Yes. When you use Express Checkout, your international customers can pay you with PayPal, their credit card or debit card.